Practical Family Living News

Volume 16, Issue 3Summer 2009

Relationships And The Brain

Our brain is sending out signals for hormone release in all of our relationships. These hormones are either the "feel-good" kind or they are the fight or flight kind. Therapists at the Center for Family Healing give healthy response training to our clients to bring about the results they would like in their relationships.

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Treasuring Children: Helping Children In Chronically Difficult Families

Families where addictions and chronic stress or conflict dwell are especially difficult for children to cope with. Without a doubt, children in these settings have to work overtime to cope, survive and find a sense of safety that is different than most families. This article defines but a few things that can be done to make life and the development of who they are as children of God a bit easier.

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On-Line Gaming: How Much is too Much?

Article explores the explosion of the online gaming industry and the tough decisions parents have to make about hours spent gaming. In it is a set of signs that identify if there is a problem or even an addiction present.

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Working Hard To Be Liked

People pleasers work very hard to be liked and crave love and acceptance from others at the cost of their own identity. The real person can become lost in the daze of perceived expectations. But there is good news.

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Drunk With Hope: God's Help for Addiction and Emotional Wounds

Emotional wounds can negatively influence relationships which can lead to addictive behaviors. Article explores how to put God’s truth into emotional pain, thus taking the first step in freedom from addiction.

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Our Love Affair with Food

This article discusses forming healthy or unhealthy relationships with food at several stages in our development. Tips for being aware of the place of food in our lives and resources for developing a healthier relationship with food are included.

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Rebuilding After the Storm

August 18, 2005. A record breaking day in the history of Wisconsin with 27 confirmed tornadoes in one twenty-four hour period. In one moment, debris was strewn everywhere and the destruction left behind on that day was well into the millions of dollars. Addiction is destructive, like a tornado, and you are left to deal with the aftermath of a person struggling with addiction. Whether the addiction is food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, or pornography, a trail of wreckage is left behind and rebuilding needs to begin.

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