Practical Family Living News

Volume 19, Issue 1Winter 2012

How to Talk about Trauma and Loss with Children

This article gives tips and insight for adults in explaining trauma and loss to children. Important points and understanding for both adult and child are given here. If you are a part of a child's life and you need encouragement for difficult conversations because of a loss a child experiences, this article will help you prepare in practical ways.

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Trauma: Caring for Ourselves

Each of us experiences situations and events that run the risk of leaving us traumatized. Traumatic events may not be completely avoidable. Yet if we find ourselves on the backside of a traumatic event there are some specific things we can implement to help ourselves through the resulting emotional upheaval. This article outlines each of those helps and, surprisingly, they sound familiar.

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Overcoming Self-sabotaging Behaviors

While we are all capable of self-sabotage, some individuals are more vulnerable to self-defeating behavior. It is possible to work through the tendency of self-defeating behavior. Half the battle is already won when individuals become aware of their self-destructive behavior. This article will outline a plan to overcome self-sabotaging behavior.

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