Our Mission

Practical Family Living is dedicated to providing substance and hope through media and Christ-centered materials which guide people to healthy relationships. 

What We Do

Practical Family Living offers a variety of resources to build healthy relationships using proven relational skills.  We rely upon the timeless guidance of Scriptural principles, along with the latest advances in the science of relationships.

What We Provide

Practical Family Living provides Biblically sound education in several ways:

Radio broadcasts feature one or more of the therapists at The Center for Family Healing discussing a practical relationship topic. These 15-minute radio programs are also available to listen to or for download as mp3 files from this website.

Living Seminars bring the knowledge and wisdom of our therapists into an interactive setting for large and small groups. Contact us to schedule a speaker and a topic, for an evening, a one-time class, an on-going series, a full day, or a weekend retreat. In this setting, you not only benefit from more extended discussion of a topic or topics, but you have the opportunity through dialog and questions for more personalized learning.

We recommend books that are especially helpful in building healthy relationships.  Several of those books are available on this website.