Practical Family Living News

Volume 23 Issue 2Spring 2016

Decisions: Who Is Controlling Your Life?

Making tough decisions is difficult and rewarding work. Being swayed by the opinions or reactions of others will lead us down a path of being controlled by others and neglecting the path of God.

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Guilt, Sadness, Pity, Etc., OK, But What Kind?

Negative emotions are part of life. It's how we choose to experience them that makes all the difference.

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His Workmanship

When we internalize His truth that we are His masterpiece, created with a kingdom purpose, a positive, healthy self esteem follows.

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Shake the Dust Off!

There are specific people and times when we must make tough decisions. This article describes the circumstances and suggest our response according to the Apostle Paul's behaviors.

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Forgiveness of Those Who Are Different

We sometimes mistake the differences we have with each other as containing a type of personal "I'm right and you're bad" message. Often the clash between people is a true biological difference in human wiring. This article begins to share an understanding of these biological differences and how to forgive and positively adjust your response to differences between people.

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