Practical Family Living News

Volume 18, Issue 1Winter 2011

Pick your Battles: Peer and Parent Pressure

Peer pressure is real, and parents receive few tips on how to manage themselves and their children in the peer pressure, parent pressure arguments. Just what does a parent do when lines are crossed under peer pressure? This article has some very good ways to think about you, your children, and peer pressure.

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Myths About Sexual Abuse

As familiar as we may all think we are with the existence and impact of sexual abuse, there is nothing that diminishes the shock and ensuring emotional upheaval that follows. In coping with an incident of sexual abuse, families often begin believing particular myths about sexual assault. This article outlines a number of these myths and presents the truth in a manner that is direct while pointing to the reality of God's healing power.

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"The Talk"

The mere thought of having "the talk" about sexuality with their children often makes parents shudder and want to head for the hills. Parents take heart. This article encourages parents as it provides a step by step nonthreatening approach to discussing sexuality.

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Sacredness in Sexuality

Sexuality can be a profound expression of love between a husband and wife. When God's view of love is included within sexuality, sex is transformed from mere mechanics to holy mystery and higher joy.

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