Practical Family Living News

Volume 14, Issue 3Fall 2007

Parents Guide to Lingo on the Internet

The benefits and dangers of the internet are becoming more apparent as time passes. Parents have the increasingly difficult task of protecting their children and adolescents from the dangers. Here you will find some of the common uses of letters and symbols by kids as they communicate with one another.

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Parents Modeling Faith

Every parent seeks to passon their faith. Taking a look at one example in scripture, we see how the everyday patterns of life provide a foundation in which a child may learn the reality of God's presence and decide for him/herself to believe in God

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Life Transitions

This article explores the task adolescents and their families face when leaving home. It describes the delicate balance between support and autonomy parents must give their emerging adult.

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Stand Up For Yourself Without Putting Others Down

Two vignettes demonstrating how to stand up for yourself without putting others down

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Faith of Our Children: A Model for Home Devotions

Building a child's Christian faith is a foundational piece in "training up a child in the way he should go." (Proverbs 22:6) Article suggests six practical steps in developing home devitions for the elementary age child.

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Communicating With Kids (and Adults!)

Practical tips are provided to help children pair emotions with words and a specific technique is described to improve communication for both kids and adults.

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