Practical Family Living News

Volume 15, Issue 1Winter 2008

How To Move Ahead After Personal Pain

How To Move Ahead After Personal PainThe story you tell yourself and others of your difficult situation is important. It is important because the potential for going on in a capable manner after personal pain can be determined by how we frame the experience. Though it is important to tell the exact nature of the experience, including hope in one’s thoughts and expression after a trauma is a survival tool. This article explains how to be honest about difficult times yet cling to hope.

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Serve Your Generation

Meeting the challenge of any new year keeps us mindful of how we have opportunity to be all that God would have us be. A personal look into the life of one serving in the face of loss is described beautifully and challenges us to look at those around us in a new way.

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Surrender is a process in which we accept the way things are.

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When Parents Fight

Children develop their sense of belonging and sense of security from their relationships with their parents. When there is on-going animosity between the parents, it is difficult for children to feel safe and to attach to both parents.

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Helping the Discouraged

Discouragement can leave us frightened and unmotivated with feelings of loneliness and hopelessness. Drawing from the biblical story of Elijah and an actual family therapy case, this article discusses five steps to helping an individual recover from discouragement.

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Forgiveness in the New Year

The process of forgiveness, tips on inviting Jesus into the journey of forgiveness, as well as the forgiveness of self and others are discussed in this article.

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