Practical Family Living: A History

Practical Family Living was formally started as a radio program in January of 1987. Lynda Savage, a family therapist who had been a guest on live Christian radio programming, had a dream to educate people with healthy relationship skills.

Lynda yearned for people to know the strategies for mental health that worked and were Biblically sound. A helping hand from Greg Holt, Associate Pastor from Louisville, KY, helped Lynda find and set up the recording apparatus. The cooperation of our eventual co-host, Paul Cameron completed the radio production team.  

Fifteen minutes, five days a week since 1987, Practical Family Living has been heard throughout Wisconsin, nationally and most recently, internationally. Now six therapists from the Center for Family Healing, a licensed and solidly Christian behavioral health clinic, are featured on Practical Family Living. 

Practical Family Living has expanded to provide a full featured newsletter, website, seminars, waiting room materials, and pastoral support at no or low cost.

Practical Family Living can be heard by searching programs by topic or title found on this site.

Below is a sample of feedback people have given us:

"(I heard)...a very relevant subject and good direction as far as how to positively handle discontentment."

I pulled over to really hear for the first time what my wife was talking about (paraphrased)

"Every day I sit down with a cup of coffee and listen.  (They have become) my dear friend(s.)"

Now I know depression is not just a mood but a serious medical thing (paraphrased)

"(I)...learned how to deal with my grandchildren."

"This (program) gives me hope"

"This...showed me the importance of living for God, not self."

"(I have been)...stirred in the heart to seek ‘resting in Lord' for myself"

"(This)...helped me to know that other people are in the same boat and that God is our source."

"...especially good for understanding scripture's use in daily walk"


For more information on the Center For Family Healing, visit www.centerforfamilyhealing.net