Practical Family Living News

Volume 19, Issue 3Summer 2012,

Your Behavior is Not Acceptable but YOU I Love

Separating the deed from the doer: It is tempting to label a child or adult by their behavior. Bad behavior is different from the human being God loves. This article discusses the ins and outs of separating the deed from the doer and how God does this for us.

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Once and For All!

Brenda takes a well used expression "…once and for all!" and normalizes the frustration we all experience when confronted with the same issue over and over again. Correlating it with the journey of the Isrealites into the Promised Land, we begin to understand the spiritual purpose of this process.

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Helping Children with Nightmares

To children, nightmares are very real and they do not have the knowledge or experience to understand it was just a bad dream. This is a perfect time when parents can be very instrumental in helping their children. This article provides some helpful hints for parents to help comfort their little ones after a nightmare.

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Transforming Emotions

A good quality of life requires that we cope effectively with our reactions to our experiences. Others may mistreat us and awful things will happen. This article addresses how to react in a helpful way, a way that takes care of the situation, and does not harm us or others.

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