Practical Family Living News

Volume 14, Issue 1Spring 2007

Trauma Happens To Competent Healthy People

Trauma causes a reaction in people. That reaction is physical because the brain is signaling the body to do something. This is true with natural disasters like floods and tornadoes as well as fighting or past trauma in relationships. What this feels like and how this affects a marital relationship is discussed in this article as well as the beginnings of what to do.

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The Balancing Act: Detachment

Detachment is a concept often misunderstood. It does not mean "cut off" from those around you. Provided are questions to ask oneself and spiritual guidelines which aid the process of loving yourself and loving others appropriately.

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Two Sides of Pity

This article describes the debilitating effects of secular pity and describes the difference between God's pity and the world's.

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Escaping the Role of Scapegoat

A vignette portraying a family scapegoat moving from cooperating with the role to rejecting the role

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Easter Clothes: Throwing Off Cloaks of Unforgiveness

Forgiveness brings emotional and spiritual healing. Using Biblical references to Palm Sunday and Easter, and a story from Corrie Ten Boom, this article shows how the old "clothes" or habits around unforgiveness hamper our freedom and joy.

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Reclaim the Sabbath

How to reclaim the Sabbath for your family by learning ways to build in important "down-time" on Sundays as well as increasing famly fun time.

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