Practical Family Living News

Volume 17, Issue 5Christmas 2010

Yard Sale Angels

Jesus calls people of all ages to Himself. The wonderment of His birth is not only meant for small children. Big people too are blessed to be able to respond to the joy AND to the romance of God calling us to Himself. Pray that our loved ones of every age will have a sharpened ability to be transported, to be open and alive to the Truth of Emmanuel.

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The Ornament of Grace

As the Christmas season rolls around we often are confronted with re-evaluating how the year has been for our families and our loved ones. It is easy to become filled with such busyness that we forget one of the many reasons why Christ came. He came to make sinners sons and sons like Jesus. This article briefly takes a look at how the grace of God may be seen as an ornament of grace in our daily lives.

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God's Christmas List

If we find ourselves overwhelmed, anxious, lonely or fearful during this Christmas season, we can take heart and reflect on God’s love. God has made all the necessary preparations for Christmas.

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Morning Star: All Through The Night

Poetry and scripture are inter-weaved in this article to proclaim one of the greatest Christmas truths: Jesus, the Bright Morning Star, knew earthly sorrow, so that we can have hope on earth and ultimate hope in heaven.

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Surprise, Surprise: Not Everyone Likes Their Family Christmas

Family gatherings are not always pleasant. We may not even like our family. What is the difference between like and love? This article tells how to separate behavior from the person or the family we are to love. We can not like or even accept behavior and still love the person. Separating the deed from the doer as we learn to love one another as we love ourselves is a big task. With God being invited into the center of this command, we will be able to follow it.

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Helping Ourselves through the Holidays

Holidays challenge us on every level: emotionally with the memories of family or stressors of getting together, physically because there seem to be so many more activities and details to attend to, spiritually we are stretched thin between honoring our faith and all the demands we face. This handout is designed with those stressors in mind. The ideas suggested are just that...suggestions. Underneath it all we trust each will find ways to care for themselves as God would have.

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Coping With Holiday Grief

There is no time of year more difficult than the holidays when a loved one has died. Nothing feels the same nor will it feel the same again. Listed here are only a few helps that may make the holidays a bit more tolerable.

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