Practical Family Living News

Volume 22, Issue 2August 2015,

What’s the Big Deal About Jesus?

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Guess What?

There are specific dynamics that hinder communication. One is to withhold out of fear of another’s anger or distancing behavior. Brenda briefly discusses the healthy way to think about sharing and receiving the perspective of another person.

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A Rock Through the Front Window

Have you ever felt as if someone threw a rock through the front window of your life? The Lord promises to bind up and care for our wounds.

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EQ: What Emotional Intelligence Is and How to Develop It

Emotional intelligence is integral to mental and relational health. Understanding emotions, their impact on individuals and relationships, and learning how to use this information sets us up for success in life.

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Knowing IF and WHEN to Have Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations can easily go awry. Learn some strategies to determine IF and WHEN to have a difficult conversation.

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