Practical Family Living News

Volume 23, Issue 3Summer 2016,

Holding On To Hope

Occasionally the only thing you can do for someone is to hope for them, until they can hope for themselves.

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Crazy Minds

The tasks, expectations, and energy needed to live in our world are mind boggling. And, there does not seem to be any end in sight. So, what’s a person to do?

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Rebuilding Trust

Trust is precious. Once lost trust becomes priceless. Brenda outlines 4 steps to practice that may help rebuild trust but, more importantly, help us live with a greater sense of peace within.

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Unchecked Anger

What is unchecked anger? For one thing, unchecked anger can produce aggression and often, violence. This article explains some causes of aggression and violence via unchecked anger. It also gives direction for what and how to avoid unchecked anger. In the review here of this topic, thoughts and action are closely related. We will do well to add the great information contained in this article to our understanding in order to help ourselves and others in this age of aggression and violence.

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