Practical Family Living News

Volume 19, Issue 2Spring 2012

If We Always Encourage Kids, Aren’t We Raising Weaklings?

Describes how, when and why to encourage children. Some parents are concerned that too much self esteem can ruin a child. However, learning to help a discouraged child can only strengthen them. Strengthening the inner workings of your child is described here.

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Building Confidence and Values in Children

Parents struggle often between knowing how to build confidence in their children and at the same time guide the behaviors and attitudes impressed upon them by the culture of our day. This article describes several key important strategies that will aid parents in this journey.

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The Golden Rule for Cyberspace

Most of our teens know how to work with technology but few realize how technology works. As parents and educators who love our teens, it is part of our job to educate them that what they post online can change the course of their lives. This article provides tips to share with our beloved teens.

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Affected Family Members

Families affected by a loved one’s chronic mental illness or addiction endure a unique type of stress. This article discusses two strategies, boundary setting and calming the nervous system, to help those who are both currently being affected, as well as those affected in childhood.

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