Practical Family Living News

Volume 16, Issue 5Christmas 2009

Coming Home

Home is a powerful word. This article speaks to the yearning for home whether one is physically home or not. Where is home? If we do not have a sense of home, where may we find it?

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My First Christmas Alone

Holidays are unique in that they tend to awaken emotions many would rather avoid. Facing your first holidays without a loved one means the development of a new awareness of ourselves along with the loss of our loved one. Brenda candidly shares her experience of her first Christmas without her parents and the reality of our Heavenly Father's understanding.

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The Notebook

This article explores a ritual families can participate in at Christmas. This ritual is one that helps members of the family affirm one another.

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Family Conflict and the Holidays: God Bless Us, Every One!

Christmas is supposed to be a time of great joy and celebration, isn’t it? Yet, many have a relative or two in which there is some tension. When you consider the extra stress of the shopping, wrapping, food preparation, traveling, and stretched finances, it is no wonder that family gatherings can be stressful. This article provides tips to handle the stress of family and the holidays with God’s help.

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Cadence 91: Prayer for Military Families

Cadence 91 is a poetic prayer in honor of all military serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Based on Psalm 91, this prayer poignantly depicts the physical, emotional and spiritual trials of war and how the great love and security of Jesus Christ will not fail.

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