Practical Family Living News

Volume 15, Issue 5Christmas 2008

Christmas and Family Attachment

Some children find attachment difficult. Adopted children may have an especially hard time attaching to parents and siblings. Christmas is a time when small steps may be taken to promote a sense of belonging and attachment. A description of this situation is provided here along with ideas to begin to promote attachment in families at Christmas time.

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When A Father Dies - Preparing For The Holidays

The death of a family member creates a kind of stress that one does not understand until they experience the loss themselves. Add the holidays to this and the multiple levels of grief increase. There are a few basic truths that become real in the face of such a loss around the holidays. This article, written to encourage as well as remind us of these truths, utilizes the author's own personal experience to bring the reality of what it means to celebrate living in the face of grief.

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Gifts of the Heart: Ideas for Giving at Christmas

This article addresses how families can be creative about giving during times of economic shortages.

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Let There Be Peace in the Home: Helping Children Manage Stress During the Holiday Season

Children are just as vulnerable to experiencing holiday stress as adults. This article gives parents nine practical tips to help children manage stress associated with the holiday season.

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Coping with Change at Christmas

Change is often difficult for families, but changes during the Christmas season can be especially tough. Article looks at four practical and spiritual ways to manage changes: based on Mary, the mother of Jesus, and her response to the birth of our Savior.

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Managing Food Dilemmas During the Holidays

Food holds many meanings and memories for us, especially during the holiday season. This article offers practical tips and suggestions for those with food allergies or special diets.

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Christmas Shocking

Christmas this year may not happen as you picture it. When things do not go as planned, you may experience Christmas culture shock.

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