Practical Family Living News

Volume 22, Issue 1April/May 2015

Children, Shamed and Text Attacked

Bullying attacks on children and teens is on the rise. This is something hard for adults to grasp at times. This article give guidance for boundaries, defenses, and how parents can help both the victim and the bully.

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Games People Play to Avoid Taking Responsibility

People, because they fear they will lose love or arouse anger if they honestly and directly ask for what they want, often learn to get their needs met by indirect means. Games are dishonest maneuvers designed to get someone to do something by making them feel guilty, fearful, or sorry. Games only work if someone consciously or unconsciously agrees to be the victim and someone the rescuer.

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Salt and Light

We all know people that are difficult to get along with; whether it is in our family, church or place of work. This article gives tips on getting along with people that are difficult to get along with.

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Moving Past Fear, Powerlessness and Trauma: A Neuroscience Perspectiveness

Everyone has moments of fear and moments of powerlessness. When combined they create a powerful experience called trauma. With the growing understanding of how our neurological system works, there is more hope for healing now than ever. Help is closer than you think.

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Those Pesky Buttons

Everyone on earth has had their "buttons" pushed a time or two. Turn these irritating situations into a growing opportunity.

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