Practical Family Living News

Volume 17, Issue 3Summer 2010

Hurried and Harried Women

Does time manage us or do we manage time? God has ways for us to restore and refresh; yet we often ignore that 15 per cent of our time that God has for us to do just that. Does God know what's best for us? Yes. This is an article we all need in this busy day and age.

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Honor Widows

Widowhood is one of those transitions that is easily dismissed and greatly misunderstood. As someone who watched her mother work through the varied tasks of this transition, the lack of availability in those around her for her situation was striking. Yet, James exhorts us to care for the orphans and widows as an expression of our pure and faultless expression of faith. The author expresses lessons learned from her own experience of coming along side her mother when facing widowhood.

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Adolescent Girls Battling Eating Disorders

This article explores the effects of adolescent female eating disorders on the individual and the family. It also gives options for getting help.

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Moms' To Do List

Moms are good at taking care of their loved ones but often do not take time for themselves. This article offers encouragement to moms to care for their needs and discusses ways moms can be proactive by nurturing their minds, bodies and spirits.

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Women, Grief, and Jesus

Women experiencing grief and loss can also know deep comfort, individual attention, and a life-giving future through the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ’s loving attention to a mother who lost her only son from the gospel of Luke, is explored in this article.

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