Practical Family Living News

Volume 18, Issue 2Spring 2011

Facebook, Teens, and Depression

Some teens look to Facebook and other social media to determine their self worth. They do this by comparing their numbers of friends, pictures, and entries on the site with others. The term for the downward spiral of self worth this inspires in some "Facebook Depression." This article briefly examines the phenomenon and provides helpful suggestions to direct young people toward more healthy thinking.

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Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Marriage skills must be worked at. The skills needed to succeed at marriage are often not learned by watching close loved ones. How on earth are people going to learn the skill set needed in marriage? Many simply learn by trial and error. Half of the time, the efforts at marriage fail. This article points to skills provided in the Successful Couples Seminar at the Center for Family Healing, are proven skills providing personal tools for successful relationships.

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Paying Attention

One of the foundational skills to the success of any relationship is our ability to listen. As simple as this may sound, many do not listen well. True hearing begins with our heart and includes our ears. Brenda outlines what thinking with our heart may involve and the rewards for nurturing this ability.

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Encouraging the Growth Mindset in Children

Parents naturally want the best for their children and can be instrumental in helping their children become resilient to challenges. This article informs parents on recent research and ways they can encourage their children to have a growth mindset.

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Picture Perfect: How God "Sees" Our Troubles

Even Jesus' disciples struggled to picture certain promises that Jesus reassured them of. This article will outline scriptural truths in getting beyond our circumstances, to trusting and believing in His peace and His path for our lives.

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