Practical Family Living News

Volume 17, Issue 4Fall 2010

Hellos and Goodbyes

Helpful thoughts for parents, young people, and families for a child's movement into adulthood. Transition from youth to adult is said by Jay Haley and others, to be the most challenging in the human life cycle. Encouragement and ideas for this period of time are presented.

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Coming Along Side the 20 Somethings

Young adults look so adult yet, as we all know, looks can be deceiving. This special group of people need more support than we can imagine. The energy and enthusiasm can mask the fears and challenges they face. Author and therapist, Brenda Spina takes a few moments to outline the challenges they face as well as some practical ways in which all of us can support these precious young men and women.

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Launching Adolescents: A Family Affair

Launching Adolescents describes some of the difficulties young adults face as they plan to launch from their homes into the world.

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Twenty Something

The twenties can be described as a time of great transitions. In this article, Christine outlines common struggles of young adults and provides helpful suggestions for parents and loved ones.

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No Longer Little: Key Concerns of Young Adults

Young adults face many transitions and many fears. This article explores three key concerns that young adults often keep hidden from their parents. Included are helpful parental responses to support parents in this season of their son or daughter’s life.

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