Practical Family Living News

Volume 14, Issue 4Christmas 2007

Replenishing on Busy Days

All of us lose track of doing the basics things we need to do in order to stay "in a good place" physically, emotionally and spiritually. Holiday times and special occasions are times we feel especially stressed. Listed in this article are ways in which we can replenish our spirits as well as our bodies.

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When The Messiah Came

This article takes a personal look at the author's first encounter with the reality of God and provides helps in remembering one's own history of attachment with God.

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Healing at Christmas

This article describes the decisions we all have when entering the holidays. We can choose to stop "the war" in our relationships, to enter a time of peace.

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A True Joy-Filled Christmas

Stress and high expectations of the modern Christmas season are in sharp contrast to the First Christmas

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Bread of Bethlehem

Family and the sharing of communion is the backdrop of this article, which explores how to receive life-giving and healing attributes of God during the Christmas season.

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Advent Traditions

This article provides many ideas to help you and your family celebrate Advent - with special ways to prepare your hearts and minds for the coming of the Christmas season.

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