Practical Family Living News

Volume 18, Issue 3Summer 2011

Bullying in Preschool? Yes, Preschool!

Bullying is not just a problem for the older child. Preschoolers also experience bullying both as the victim and the perpetrator of it. This article describes how to recognize bullying and its consequences in preschoolers including what to do about it.

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Preparing for the School Year

Families enjoy the change summer schedules bring. It seems families adjust to the summer schedule then quickly find themselves facing a transition into a new school year. Implementing simple steps help manage this transition with greater ease. This article outlines these steps.

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Appreciate! Appreciate!

Appreciation and admiration are foundational in the development of attachment in any significant relationship. Using this little exercise is a fun way to increase your bond with those you love and encourage others to do the same.

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The Excitement and Challenge of Beginning School

Beginning school can be exciting and challenging for children and parents alike. In this article, Christine Vander Wielen provides parents with helpful guidelines to,, make the transition smoother for themselves and their children.

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Twelve Years, Ten Lessons

An article of tribute and thanksgiving. As Mary Lambrecht follows God's call to Texas, she shares ten basic lessons learned in the therapy room and in ministry through The Center for Family Healing and Practical Family Living.

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