Practical Family Living News

Volume 22, Issue 4Christmas 2015,

Winter: Happy or Miserable?

Winter blues may mean that we have a disposition to join each other by grumbling about how miserable winter is. How to positively think about our winter experience and maybe other "cold" places in which we find ourselves will peak your interest in this piece!

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Stay the Course

Recovery and healing processes may be confusing. These processes include varied experiences such as pain, humor, shame, grief, relief, peace, and turmoil. Recovery or healing journeys are like life.

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Eye of the Storm

Silent nights are a beautiful part of the Christmas story but a rare reality in modern life. With a seemingly never ending to do list, not enough time or resources to do it all, the Christmas season can become synonymous with extreme stress. We sing about peace, send cards with sentiments about peace, pray for peace but we do not always experience peace during this season.

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Right? Relationship? Some Strange Mix? And the Holidays

The holidays are upon us and we often find ourselves spending time with family or friends that we do not see the rest of the year. With this increased exposure to our families of origin we often find ourselves or our spouses acting strangely around our or their own family. This year, consider the following words and give yourself permission to be different, to have healthy boundaries, and to love the difficult and the different.

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Mary’s Labor of Peace

In the midst of a troubled time, we can find peace. It is easy for us to see impossibility of a situation and to feel the fear of uncertainty, but we can have peace…with a little bit of labor.

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