Practical Family Living News

Volume 17, Issue 2Spring 2010

What I Wish More Men Knew

Men often do not know things like how much delight their children take in them. Here a therapist who has seen hundreds of men over the years outlines what she would like men to know. Things such as a woman relating from an accumulation of the days events when a man very often is relating in the here and now. Revelations are made in this article that will encourage men.

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What Men Wish Women Knew

Interviewing a number of gentlemen, Brenda presents concisely and directly the thoughts and concerns these men expressed regarding the women most important to them. Covering acceptance, purpose, affection, and trust, these men placed themselves in a vulnerable position to help us understand pieces of their experience and commitment to the people they love.

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Boys to Men - Normal Developmental Markers

This article describes the normal developmental changes boys go through in adolescence from ages 13-15. It identifies the sacred nature of this period and highlights a scripture from Luke where there is an account of the adolescent Jesus.

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Powerful Dads and Pretty Daughters

Dads have a tremendous amount of influence in the lives of their daughters. This article outlines the ways in which Dads make a powerful impact both positively and negatively.

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Men In Leadership: Brave Acts, Vulnerable Hearts

Men in leadership roles in today’s society have unique challenges. This article encourages men to fill these roles with courage, vulnerability, identification and empathy.

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