Practical Family Living News

Volume 21, Issue 5December 2014

The Home Place

We long to belong. Where have we felt peace, acceptance and love? Often that "home" place is where we remember feeling comfortable and safe. God knows we long to feel these feelings and provides this safe place with Him.

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The We/They Mentality

This mentality can be destructive. Although perhaps temporarily necessary in something like sports, the we/then mentality undermines the inclusive nature of God's grace and mercy. Brenda outlines the dangers of nurturing this style of thinking.

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Positive Impact by Positive Thoughts

Our thoughts are built by our minds, wills and emotions. Negative thoughts can adversely affect our health if left unchecked. With the Lord's help, our minds can be renewed.

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Fight for Your Right

We own our feelings, thoughts and behaviors. We do not own the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of others. But what does this mean exactly?

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