Practical Family Living News

Volume 17, Issue 1Winter 2010

The Inner-Workings of People Problems

As therapists at the Center for Family Healing, we sometimes give seminars about ‘people problems.’ Anxiety, stress, depression and various personality/relationship concerns are what we work with every day. This article points the reader to reading material that will help understand some of these matters. The article also discusses letting go of, when appropriate, impossibly tangled people problems.

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Trauma, Long-term Stress and People

Ever have someone in your life who just seems to challenge every bit of your patience? If so, then this article may be for you. For particular individuals, there are specific responses to repeated trauma that create a personality resistant to change. Included here are suggestions for coping with those who have been so wounded.

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Feeling Crazy - The Effects of Addiction on the Family

This article describes the serious and debilitating effects of addiction on the family. Hopes for rehabilitation are addressed.

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Suicide Prevention: Making the Connection

Suicide is a very complex subject and is usually not about death at all but rather about wanting to stop the pain. The vast majority of the time, those who are thinking about suicide do give verbal and/ or behavioral warning signs particularly in the last week before the attempt. By knowing the warning signs, loved ones can intervene and provide support. This article lists many verbal and behavioral warning signs of suicide and provides questions to ask if you suspect a loved one may be suicidal.

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Fear and Anxiety: Steps to Restoring Courage and Stability

The new millenium brings added stressors to our lives including ever-present technology, limited family communication and bonding, overwork, and addictions. This article will explore causes and treatment for fear and anxiety to restore a Godly sense of courageious well-being for ourselves and our families.

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