Practical Family Living News

Volume 16, Issue 2Spring 2009

Sexual Health for Young People

Critical thinking about sex is important for young people. This is a guide for examining the themes being promoted by our sex-saturated culture.

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The Push/Pull of Adolescence

Adolescence is often been described as a second toddlerhood. Parents of adolescents often express to me the dichotomy of the behaviors they see (laughing as they share). I know parents don't always laugh but this article takes two underlying dynamics and describes them in the larger scheme of development for teenagers. Take hope! There is more to the picture than you know!

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To Rescue or Not, That is the Question

This article explores ways in which parents rescue their adolescent children and ways to weigh the decision whether to act on their behalf.

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What Teens Want Parents to Understand

Some teens believe that parents "don't get it" or "just don't understand." Recently, I asked teens to help me understand what it was like to be a teenager. This article reports their comments.

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Blended Families and Teens

Blended families can be challenging for everyone, especially a teenager. Article describes these challenges and ways to help your teen navigate the ups and downs.

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Teens and Media Violence

This article describes how television, video games, and film violence affects teens, how parents can help protect their teens from viewing media violence, and how to discuss media violence with their teens.

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I have a WHAT?

As the Nationwide Insurance commercial proclaims, "Life comes at you fast," parents can find themselves quickly thrown into raising a teenager. As you jump into adolescence with your adolescent, take a deep breath, and use these reminders to help with the adolescent journey.

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