Practical Family Living News

Volume 15, Issue 3Summer 2008


Making decisions, fom the simple to the complex, is something we do every day all day long. Someone said we are our choices. God is good, He wants the best for us, and God is sovereign. If we ask, the Holy Spirit sheds light on our path so we may step in the best direction.


Respect in Families

There are three foundational principles that make respect in families happen. Following these principles may be challenging but are also an expression of our commitment to following the examples laid before us by the Lord. In part one, respect is defined and a brief look at grandiosity is taken.

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Validation is Not Agreement

This article describes the difference between validating another person's communication and agreeing with it. Examples are given.

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Chronic Disease: A Life Altering Condition

Each year many people are diagnosed with having a chronic disease. This article discusses some of the common grief reactions patients may have when first diagnosed.

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Different Culture, Equal Honor: Viewpoints on Shame

Family and individual rituals can look different, but are equally valued by God. Article shows how to bring sensitivity and honor to these rituals, when culture or economic and social status are different between people.

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Answering Jesus' Call

This article helps the reader make decisions about when it is important to act on Jesus' call and to be open to His timing.

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Hello, How Can I Help?

An introduction of Derreka Walton, the newest clinical therapist and member of Practical Family Living, and The Center for Family Healing team

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