Practical Family Living News

Volume 18, Issue 5Christmas 2011

December Hope Realized

December brings on adult busy work, the joy of children, exhaustion, and a huge amount of hope. This article calls us to prize hope and God’s promise that we will not be abandoned by Him. With a heartfelt and poignant reference to “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” we are able to relive the reason we celebrate Christmas. Reading this short commentary will help you relax and to let God be God.

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Live Within Your Means

Living within our means often is associated with our financial circumstances. In this article, Brenda outlines ideas that help us live within our means emotionally, physically, and spiritually this Christmas season. Nothing drains our joy quicker than attempting to do all and be all to those we love. In addition, it drains our ability to enjoy the real reason for celebrating that which God has provided.

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Controlling the Chaos

For stepfamilies, the stress of the holiday season can be compounded. With patience and grace, the holiday season can be enjoyable. In this article, tips for stepfamilies to navigate the holiday season are shared.

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Peace and Goodwill Towards Men

Using scripture readings to keep, or find, the peace and joy in your interpersonal relationships over the holidays.

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