Practical Family Living News

Volume 18, Issue 4Fall 2011

Don’t Argue With a Woman as You Would With a Man

Six things to avoid when arguing with a woman. A valuable resource in how to negotiate the maze of arguing; especially with a woman. Because some things work better than others when arguing, these points will bring you success in walking out disagreements regardless of your gender.

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Men and Women of Wisdom

Becoming wise is not an easy journey yet a goal greatly desired by many. Based on Ephesians 4 and 5, Brenda outlines the foundation of wisdom and respect in relationships. The article challenges each of us to understand and act according to the goals the Apostle Paul outlines in these verses.

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Everyone is Welcome!

Schools are working very hard to address the growing problem of bullying through teacher trainings, student education, role playing, parent meetings and having police liaisons. However, the problem has not only persisted but has become more severe and more widespread in recent years. Before bullying can be adequately resolved, the issue of cliques needs to be addressed.

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Life's Seasons

This article recognizes the difficulties that come with life's many transitions, and offers time tested coping strategies.

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