Practical Family Living News

Volume 22, Issue 3Fall 2015,

Right? Relationship? Some Strange Mix?

Everyone is different and sometimes we have trouble communicating and understanding each other. So what's the answer? Check out this article for some tips.

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Past, Present and Future

Are you fearful of the future? Do you agonize over past mistakes? We all have a natural bent toward thinking about the past, present, or future. We can grow by becoming more in tune with the present moment.

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The Stories We Tell

Children are wonderfully creative at thinking up stories, in which they are heroic and triumphant. However, when difficulties arise we can lose the ability to tell ourselves a good story with a positive ending.

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Resilience: How to Bend and Not Break

Resilience is a trait we want. Things happen in life that are hard. This article shares and guides us to healthy traits of coming back from life¹s trials. Many very helpful things are presented a sample of which are; being tough but tender toward one¹s recovery, not taking on suffering as identity, and seeking help when necessary.

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Long-term friendships as well as marriages experience seasons in which each person is challenged to move out of their comfort zone. These seasons stretch/increase our ability to relate with understanding, honesty, and connect with one another at a deeper level.

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