Practical Family Living News

Volume 16, Issue 4Fall 2009

How Can I Help My Child Deal with Bullying?

Real steps to help and "how to's" to deal with bullying.

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Supporting Safety In Our Schools

Safety in the schools has become a major focus for parents and school officials. Based on an interview with an area school counselor, Brenda briefly outlines ways in which parents can actively support safety for their children.

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Trails of Trouble - Children and School Performance

This article addresses the many feelings parents and children face as a result of school challenges.

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ADHD and Homework: It Can Work!

Children with ADHD have a tremendous amount of potential. ADHD is not a limitation nor a predictor of school performance. In this article, Christine provides a practical guideline for parents to help make homework time more productive and less stressful.

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Children and Attachment Wounds

Early trauma in a child’s life can result in attachment wounds in your child. Article describes how a specialized family therapy; Family Narrative Attachment Therapy, can help rebuild bonds between parent and child. Especially useful for foster and adoptive children.

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Parent/Teacher Allies: Being Your Child’s Advocate

Parents and teachers make a great team for supporting your child! Being your child's advocate at school can help your child enjoy school and achieve higher goals. Ideas in this article are shared for taking an active role with the teacher and within the school system.

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