Practical Family Living News

Volume 14, Issue 2Summer 2007

Traveling The Road

Each individual has a unique road to follow. This roadway is sometimes foggy to us. If we have gone along the path of trusting God many times, are we likely to continue when our eyes are blocked from what is ahead? See a personal example of a foggy road experience.

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Saying I'm Sorry

Saying "I'm sorry." entail more than these two words. Examples in scripture outline what feeling sorry means and paints a word picture of our internal experience when feeling truly sorry.

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Finding Hope In the Dark Periods of Life

This article looks at springtime as a metaphor for hope in the midst of dark periods of life and presents scripture as encouragement.

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How to Stop Bullying

Helpful suggestions and step by step plan to end bullying

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Marital Transitions: Parting the Fearful Waters

Three steps to finding marital stability in the midst of change

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Recognizing the Treasure Within You

This article provides insight on helping to see God's love for each one of us and gives tools for seeing ourselves in a different way.

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