The Shadowy Seasons

  • Carrissa Pannuzzo, M.A., LMFT, LPC
  • Series: Winter 2016 Vol 23 Issue 1
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With winter comes a literal time of shadows and darkness. The days are short. The sun is low and seems somewhat cold. Sure, there are bright, beautiful, pristine days in the winter but often the cold and the dark get to us. It affects every part of us. Skin gets paler, we’re short on vitamin D which affects our brain chemistry, the dark stimulates melatonin production which makes us more tired, and more.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to struggles in the season of winter. Just as we have this season each year, we often have metaphorical winters in our lives. Sometimes it’s due to a troubled relationship, a dashed dream, a job loss, a death. These times are full of shadows, cold, and dark. As with the season of winter some light still filters through, but even that light seems less.

One of the best defenses during these periods is to expect and prepare for them ahead of time. Often, especially in our comfortable American lives, we have this strange idea that things will be and should always be good and easy and stable. But really, it’s never the case. We live on earth and it’s a fallen place. Things go wrong. They fall apart. Summer turns to fall, then winter. But, we can survive and even thrive in these times with realistic, healthy expectations and an understanding of God. He is loving and powerful.

When the shadows come and block our light we can remind ourselves that it’s just a season and that God is in control. Yes, parts of our worlds die or go into hibernation. But, with spring comes rebirth and renewal. There’s hope! The sun will shine high and bright again.

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