Relationships And The Brain

  • Lynda Savage, M.S., LMFT, LPC
  • Series: Summer 2009 Volume 16, Issue 3
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An interesting aspect of relationship research is that the brain triggers hormones as people relate to each other. Knowing how and when the brain is triggered in relationships is key to exceptionally good therapy. At the Center for Family Healing, the therapist teaches individuals, couples, and families to find ways to respond to tension in their relationships. How people respond to tension within themselves or in a relationship will produce either “feel-good” hormones or fight or flight hormones.

The therapists at CFH have just completed a week with Dr. Brent Atkinson. He is a therapist, writer, and professor who uses these recent research findings in brain function in his therapy with couples and individuals.

We asked him to come for a week of exclusive up-close and personal learning to give our clients the best in results-oriented therapy. Eight of us had 30 hours of training in this research based therapy.

Because of this exciting week of innovative training, the therapists who write for Practical Family Living News are discussing the brain and addictive processes in this newsletter. We chose addiction/dependency because people try to calm themselves (the brain) with drugs and other behaviors that bury their problems. Most times, the beginning use of drug or other methods of symptom relief is understandable. However, we at the Center believe that the addiction process brings death not life.

With God’s help and His ways there are processes that bring deep peace. Doing research proven, scripturally sound methods, we work to intentionally find answers replacing ways that cause harm.

You’ve probably heard the commercial: This is Your Brain/This is Your Brain on Drugs. The brain part shows a perfect egg in the shell. The brain-on-drugs part shows the egg broken open and frying in a pan.

If the brain does get “fried” in troubled relationships or in addiction, we treat our clients with the utmost respect and with brain-specific counseling protocols that triggers healing and restoration in the physical body of the brain. Thankfully, Jehovah Rapha our Healer does not create the brain in such a way that cannot be, in most cases, reversed.


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