Hurried and Harried Women

  • Lynda Savage, M.S., LMFT, LPC
  • Series: Summer 2010 Volume 17, Issue 3
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Isn’t it curious that people of Jesus’ day were over committed to the Sabbath in a legalistic way while in today’s world, the day of rest and refreshment God wants for us is often ignored? Today’s woman is checking her smart phone, planning tasks between tasks, in a hurry and feeling harried, while doing all she can most of the time. It’s not outrageous to imagine a woman on a Saturday, in a seminar meant to restore her, furiously taking notes, planning dinner, and brainstorming ideas for the next week. All the while, she is exercising her multi-tasking skills as she contemplates Johnny’s problems with math and how to best help him.

Like many women, life is lived as if there is no time left to spare. Relax on Sundays? Really? For many, iPods and email are so engaging on our day of rest that minds and spirits do not restore. When does God have a chance to impress upon you His schedule for you? His ideas for you that are better than your ideas for you? The fourth commandment is quite clear. Keep Holy the Lord’s Day. God knows the subtle ways the enemy of our soul uses our technical devices and false belief about the importance of “getting that thing done” to keep us from connecting with Him; resting with Him; and enjoying Him.

Women and men both need to take time in our culture to BE with the Lord. As John 17:21 says: “that they all may be one, as You, Father, [are] in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me.” (AKJV)

God grant us the discipline to turn our hearts toward You in the small things of daily life. Help us to have the discipline it takes to keep Your day of rest Holy and open to You. Show us how You would have us rest in that 15 percent of our week You have designed to restore us.


Article inspired by: Susan Arico


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