Cadence 91: Prayer for Military Families

  • Sarah L. Pollock (daughter of Mary Lambrecht, M.S. LMF
  • Series: Christmas 2009 Volume 16, Issue 5
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Christmas can be especially difficult for families with loved ones in the military. The following prayer, based on Psalm 91, by my daughter Sarah Pollock, depicts God’s unwavering heart for the soldier. “Do not be afraid” were the angel Gabriel’s words to Mary; “for you have found favor with God.”(Luke 2:30) May you and your military loved one rest secure in the favor and in the company of The Commander, Jesus Christ, this Christmas. Mary Lambrecht


Cadence 91

For all the soldiers serving in

Operation Iraqi Freedom


By: Sarah L. Pollock

© 2006


Soldier, when you’re out in the hot desert sun

and the stagnant air envelops you,

clings to your skin,

and weighs down your every breath,

Breathe this.


When the pale dust settles on your boots at every step

until you can barely make out the cross

you drew on the toes with your sweaty finger

a mile ago,

Reach down and trace that cross again.

Believe this again:


I camp in the tent of my Commander;

I’m at ease in His presence.

I trust Him with my life.


I know only He can save me

from roadside bombs

from mortars and rockets

from sniper fire

from despair

from boredom

from fear.

He’ll watch my back—He’s got me covered.

I rely on Him; He steadies me.


I’m not afraid

of the insurgents who prowl in the darkness

of suicide bombers

of foreign fighters infiltrating the borders

of protestors

of bad press.


Those around me may be


in despair



without hope,

But I am not.

Secure in my Commander, I press on.


I am well-guarded;

My Commander has a battalion of heavenly forces

mobilized for my protection.

They surround me wherever I go—

they march before me,

ride beside me in the convoys,

watch my back on every mission,

sit beside me in the guard tower,

cover me completely when I’m under attack.


I know my Commander.

He’ll rescue me from any trouble,

He’ll protect me,

mind, body, and spirit.

He’ll watch over

my marriage, my children, my family.

He won’t leave me behind.

I’m one of His.




live in the shadow of your Commander.

Stay within His mighty protection.

Wait for His deliverance.

Live on His strength.

And always






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