The Look of God

We have all heard the story. On what appears to be impulse, Peter quickly declares his loyalty to the Lord only later to emphatically deny knowing the Master three times. Upon the third time, Scripture states that “...the Lord turned and looked at Peter. Then Peter remembered...So Peter went out and wept bitterly.” (Luke 22:61-62 NKJV) The power of a look: It is impossible for me to not think of ways in which someone’s facial expression has impacted me. I also consider the “look” that I give to those around me. What am I communicating? Matthew states that the “eye is the light to the soul.” When someone looks at another’s face - they see the possible inner thoughts or feelings of the individual. They see the true emotions and beliefs that person has regarding them. I believe the look of Jesus to Peter was filled with many different things but especially God’s thoughts of love and mercy. A kind of knowing look we have little understanding about unless we have come face to face with mercy of the Savior. Only love and mercy would have the power to create repentance the way it did for Peter. It is symbolic of the Lord’s commitment to Peter. It is the kind of love and mercy that reveals sin, brings honesty to the spirit and breaths life into Peter for the work ahead. The bravado of Peter’s initial declaration of loyalty covered for his inadequacy, shame, or possibly his pride. The Lord’s ability to lovingly connect with Peter in his sin brought humility yet hope and courage to try again. Had the Lord looked at him with disgust, or shame - Peter could possibly have found reason to justify his behavior reasoning that God was unfair in his demands or simply withered withdrawing in discouragement from the call. Instead, the love and mercy of God saw beyond the bravado and went directly to the spirit need. Do you fear looking at another’s face - what does their look say about you, what does our look say about us. When we look at people do they see commitment, mercy, forgiveness, hope? Allow yourself to enter God’s presence looking fully into His face. Let the face of God reveal his thoughts of you to you. May our facial expressions become replica’s of His.  

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