The Comfort of Position

It was late in the fall when the following passage of scripture jumped out at me during an early morning time of prayer. “You will not need to fight this battle. Position yourselves, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord…” (II Chronicles 20:17)

For several days I walked around repeating this verse praying, “The battle is the Lord’s. I position myself under the covering of Christ’s work on the cross.” Less than a week later my father suddenly became seriously ill and required two surgeries within one week. Looking back, I can see the preparation that was taking place for me in the spiritual realm; as there was nothing I could do to affect the outcome. I could only stand in my position as a child of God.

All of us have experienced times when we were not able to understand the “whys” of a situation or make the feeling of helplessness go away. These are the times when we just do not know what to do, think or feel. Holiday seasons have built-in times, such as these. Relationships may have changed in the last year, memories of losses around this time of the year return, geographical distance with family may be different or relationships may be strained in new ways. There is a kind of comfort to be found in the very basic truth that my position as a child of God is safe. His love never changes towards me and there is grace based solely on the work that was completed by the coming of Jesus Christ. This fact is the same for all of us. It is in these times of feeling so lost that I can position myself in this fact and stand still in it.

Consciously reminding myself of my position in Christ brought me to a place of peace and comfort, thanking Him for things just as they were. There was a readiness to see what God would do on my behalf. In doing so, my focus turned to the only one who could provide certainty. I share this in hopes that this season of the year will be a time filled with God’s comfort, strength and peace for each one of you. Position yourself under the covering of Jesus Christ, stand in this position and watch what God does on your behalf.

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