Strength For All Things

I woke up tired this morning. Complaints ran through my mind as I rolled out of bed. Going over all the demands of the day fed my increasingly irritated manner.  Struggling to find my way back to resting in the Lord, I began expressing my discontentment out loud. It was then I realized I had traveled back into the rehearsing of everything that may be draining or may not go well.   Accomplishing tasks, listing all the things I thought I would never get to do, I was afraid I would not get done all the things I wanted to do in one day. It was irritating to think about how I would have the strength to do it all. My eyes fell on the words "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." There it was. The answer.  I had gotten back into the anxious repetition of tasks and goals instead of asking God what it was He wanted me to put my energy into for the day. I sat in silence. Gratitude slowly began to come as I let go little by little.  His grace would be sufficient. His strength was available to me for the day ahead…one task at a time.  He is for me not against me. Thank you Lord for your unfailing love and thank you for this day. 


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