Rules, Rigidity and Responsibility

In Psalm 119:109 David states, “My soul is continually in my hand…” The clarity of these few words are inescapable for me. I am responsible for the condition of my soul (thoughts, feelings, and actions).

As someone who has worked very hard to do things “right” this sounds like a challenge to my little world of rules that I ask myself to follow. If one follows all the rules, one will become like Jesus…right? The condition of my soul is good then, right?

Well, OK, there may be some truth in this but it is only part of the picture. Working hard to do the right thing is honorable but tends to move one in the direction of works which promotes rigidity of thought. Rigidity of thought may lead to perfectionism and the absence of the love, grace and mercy of God. The greater picture is in the relationship with God, Yes, I choose my behaviors and in turn these ultimately help or hinder the condition of my soul. But…when in relationship with God, the love of God becomes a part of the process. It softens, balances, and promotes the mercy of God towards others and myself. The end result being me, with my soul in hand, ups and downs included, experiencing growth rather than frequent failure.

My soul is continually in my hand. May I treat it with the Love of God and not just with the small little world of rules.


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