Moving From Shame To Respect

Rules for a Healthy Relationship: Taken from Marilyn Mason and Merle Fossum

Edits by Lynda Savage

These rules have been developed by long time recovery specialists who have helped thousands of people develop healthy relationships.

*I’ll face my emptiness with God’s help. You need not fill me up, nor will I fill up with abusive behaviors– food, alcohol, sex, work. Life has suffering.

*I’ll trust (sometimes slowly) and tell you when I don’t trust.

*I’ll be there. If I tell you something, I will come through.

*I’ll tell you if I’m leaving. I will not be missing in action, nor psychologically absent.

*I’ll let you know my thoughts and feelings as much as possible. We don’t have to think alike.

*I’ll be vulnerable as often as I can.

*I’ll disagree and say (and stay) when I do.

*I’ll comment on my reality/perception.

*I’ll take the consequences of what I say and do.

*I’ll be receptive to giving and taking (receiving).

*I’ll promise to respect your struggles and have compassion for you in them.

*I shall understand my needs for intimacy shall be different from yours.   


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