Don'ts For Parents and Enablers

DON'T confront your teen about drinking while he or she is under the influence.

DON'T make excuses to your spouse, family, friends or school authorities for your teens drinking.

DON'T take responsibility for your teens drinking problem.

DON'T accept as normal behavior a drunken son or daughter who comes home and destroys the house or creates havoc within the family.

DON'T nag or scream at an adolescent about drinking.

DON'T clean up your alcohol abusing teen's messes and predicaments.

DON'T let yourself be ruled by the teens alcohol behavior that you let it pull your own behavior down, too.

DON'T view your teen as lacking backbone or will power.

DON'T assume your teen doesn't love you because of the way he or she acts when drinking.

DON'T be angry with your alcohol abusing child, if you can help it.

DON'T be patronizing or indulgent.

DON'T play amateur detective; following your offspring around town to see what he or she is into is a waste of your time and your strength.

DON'T give an alcohol abusing teen any money, except for a minimal allowance.

DON'T make threats you are not prepared to back up.

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