Character vs. Reputation

I recently read a quote that helped delineate the difference between our reputation and our character. It said this, “Our reputation is what others think of us…our character is what God knows about us.” Conveying the character of God is a vastly demanding “ministry” yet this is what we, as His children, are called to do. Despite all of our shortcomings or sins, God knows us, still desires to use us and to attract others to himself via the avenue of who we are.

II Timothy 1:13 states “…guard the treasure that has been entrusted to you…” It seems selfish at times to guard myself when I have failed so miserably from day to day, yet, God sees the treasure of “me”. The truth is, God has entrusted to this earthen vessel patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting that, under his leadership, will reveal His very heartbeat. If I rely on what other people think about who I am I will live in fear. My reputation can and may be easily ruined. If I rely on what God knows to be true about who I am I can live in grace. Living in grace empowers me to try again and again to follow His leading, His plan for me. My character becomes solidified in the likeness of who He is. We have been entrusted with a tremendous responsibility. Protect the “you” that God has given you…it is His heartbeat placed in you.

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