11 Tips to Help Manage Stress

"Sidewalks, Busy sidewalks, dressed in Holiday Style." Do these images really conjure up a feeling of Christmas? For many, these images do not conjure up a feeling of Christmas, but rather, the stress that the holiday season can bring. Instead of the holiday season being a time of thanksgiving, joy, renewal and celebration; it can become a time of overloaded schedules, over spending, over committing, little sleep, poor eating habits, all in all, a stressful season. When Jesus stops being the focus of the season, just making it through becomes the goal. The following are just a few ideas to help keep Jesus as the focus of the season:

1) Pray, and seek God's plan for your Holiday Season.

2) Plan time to take care of yourself. This includes getting the proper rest.

3) Set aside time for family to be together.

4) If you have many demands on your time, make out a list and prioritize. Some activities will be non-negotiable, such as, a child's holiday concert. Other activities will be negotiable.

5) If the activities are negotiable ask yourself: Will this help my family to focus on the true meaning of Christmas?

6) Be careful not to over commit your time and talent.

7) Consider asking family members to join with you in activities. Something as simple as wrapping presents can be more fun with others.

8) Be careful not to "over do it."

9) Consider your Holiday Traditions and ask do these traditions still make sense? Sometimes traditions need to be altered for a period of time. Additionally, are there traditions or rituals that focus on the true meaning of Christmas?

10) As much as possible, continue with daily routines, especially for young children. Children do better with structure and balanced diets. Allowing children unlimited sweets and unlimited bed times will not be in their best interest. This will be an enormous stressor on the adults in the following days.

11) Most importantly, set aside time with God.

In the midst of the extra activities, the company, the shopping, the wrapping, the cooking, and the traveling, please remember that God does not have a check list for you. He loves you and wants to bless you.

God Bless You and Your Family this Holiday Season.

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